The Luzeiros Rewards loyalty program is associated with VOILÀ Hotel Rewards, an international loyalty program that brings together four and five star independent hotels and resorts on the five continents of the world.


VOILÀ offers its members personalized benefits, according to the level of the card and network of participating hotels. Participants in the Luzeiros Rewards program by accumulating points in their accommodations with eligible rates can use them as follows:

  1. to redeem them for free nights in hotels of the Luzeiros Hotels Network,
  2. you to redeem it at any hotel participating in the VOILÀ program (there are hundreds of destinations in the world),
  3. transferir os pontos para programas de milhas aéreas, cuja quais as companhias parceiras como Delta Airlines, Avianca Internacional, Qatar Airways.
  4. transfer points to airline miles programs, which are partner airlines such as Delta Airlines, Avianca International, Qatar Airways.
    transferring points to coalition programs (which concentrate a number of other loyalty programs in one place), such as Multiplus (which brings together TAM, Postos Ipiranga, etc.), Smiles (which brings together Gol Airlines, among other companies) and TudoAzul (which is the loyalty program of Azul Linhas Aéreas).

On the website the program participant can view all the information on how to perform redemptions or transfers of points according to the balance, in addition to being able to register in exclusive promotions that grant such as: discount of points in the redemption free nights at hotels, points accelerator, membership level accelerator, bonus points per night scored, among countless other promotions that reinforce how good it is to be an exclusive customer of an international hotel chain.

Be sure to be part of a select group of guests who receive personalized benefits in one of the most advantageous loyalty programs in the world, Luzeiros Rewards opens the doors of the world for you. Join us at


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